Collaborating Generates Growth and Development ? Discussion

Collaborating Generates Growth and Development ? DiscussionListed below are three groups of learning materials (articles, video, and audio Microsoft PowerPoint). Based on your preferred learning style (from Module 1), choose one group and then read, view, or listen to learn about: nurse/physician collaboration, nurses collaborating, or effective teamwork principles and skills.Reflect on your current (or a past) work setting and identify a situation which requires collaboration/teamwork in your organization.Evaluate these processes ? how well do they work, and why/why not?What new strategies can be applied to increase collaboration and effective teamwork in your setting?Directions:Compose a post (250 words or one page double-spaced) to share with your peers, and paste it in the discussion board.Please list your topic in your post title.Audio Lectures with Microsoft Powerpoint Videos: by Dr. Alemi, Georgetown University Web:Effective Teamwork: Lessons Learned 1 (new window), 05:12, From: Dr. AlumEffective Teamwork: Lessons Learned 2 (new window), 06:41, From: Dr. AlemiEffective Teamwork: Integrative Group Process (new window), 04:23, From: Dr. Alemi.working in intensive unit requires teamwork, collaboration and good effective communication with others healthcare providers. I recently had young male patient with multiple drugs over dose, unresponsive, crashing kidney, low blood pressure and low body temperature. this patient requires rigorous interventions and all that, with the collaboration and teamwork from my beautiful co-workers, the patient made it through.Text booksBlais and Hayes (2011). Professional nursing practice: Concepts and perspectives (6 editio)Cooper,C (2001). The art of nursing. A practical introduction!

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