Colorado Now and Then

Colorado: Then and Now Gold! Gold!! Gold!!! Gold!!!! Hard to get and heavy to hold. (Coel 1) Headlines in 1858 when gold was found along the Platte River. Which started a booming economy in mining. Some struck it rich and some moved on. Some did farming and ranching, while others started a new business and some saw the money in tourism. In time some of these people have continued to become successful and others have found wealth. But what has really happened to the businesses of Colorado as a whole? Mining, farming and ranching, and tourism were important parts of Colorado around 1900 at the turn of the century, but many wonder if at the start of a new century is it the same. As many people look back at the beginning of this century they say mining is what built Colorado. It is true, but it has also hurt us in the future. The positive side of mining is that it brought great revenue to Colorado. It also built cities and helped businesses grow. A great example of this is the town of Leadville. It did not seem like Leadville would grow in 1876 because, the region itself was like an empty beach, washed by two tides of mining activity and littered with abandoned sluices, empty cans, and rotting cabins. (Abbott 157) Then in 1879 under the leadership of Mayor H.A.W. Tabor, they defined misdemeanors, tried to enforce the ordinances, and fought to keep city officials from packing off to other mining towns. (Abbott 164) To help the city improve with this leadership Leadville grew to become a successful town and in 1880 received access to the railroad and had a population of 14,280 people making it Colorados second largest city. (Abbott 170) This is the story of many of the mining towns some with the same results and others with stories of disasters and failures, but this is how Colorado grew. The bad side to this story is that during the mining the miners would put their debris (mining was…

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