Ryan Zimmerman 2/16/00 Some may say that comedy is a philosophy of life, and that it is an always changing art form. People also say comedy can sometimes even be considered to be a personal expression of a persons world around them, a way to communicate thoughts and feelings in a very non-serious way. Leaving almost an infinite amount of room for interpretation as to what should be considered funny. What I may say is funny others could see as just one big pile of nonsense, and not funny in the least bit. Comedy has many forms, which should all be related in some way. Most people would agree that The Importance of Being Earnest is a comedy. In fact it is classified as a comedy. How could it possibly be classified as a comedy if comedy is so open to interpretation? To say that comedy is just a philosophy of life and not a set of theatrical conventions should make it nearly impossible to classify The Importance of Being Earnest as a comedy, yet it is classified as just that. I would say for such a play to be considered a comedy it must have some set of theatrical conventions that set it apart from a drama or even a tragedy meaning that comedy is not just a philosophy of life. Oscar Wilde used a number of conventions such as putting people in uncomfortable position, and making fun of the Rich and more powerful in The Importance of Being Earnest all elements that are still used today in modern comedy. His character Lady Bracknell spoofs the upper class society that exists in Oscar Wildes time period. Maybe not in a very obvious way to us, but given a little history about the educational system that existed at the time of Oscar Wilde teamed her comment about how someone should not tamper with natural ignorance becomes understandably comical. His character John Worthing depending on his location plays two roles to give off a false impression to others about who he really is. This allows for a few very intense scenes that becom…

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