Communication in Human services

Part A: Analysis Plan?Explain what media and forms of communication (at least one of which will be verbal) you would employ tocommunicate with each group?youths, parents, and medical staff?that will be most effective with these audiences.?Identify two to three conflicts that could potentially arise with any one of the constituents and the strategiesyou would employ to resolve the conflicts.?Prioritize and explain the most pertinent aspects of the message to be conveyed to each group.Part B: Communication Memos?Compose in detail three different communication messages that appropriately match each group of recipients?youths,parents, and medical staff?regarding the recent outbreak of the communicable disease. One of the messages should be ascript for a verbal communication. Consider the following aspects when composing your messages?the recipient, thecontext, the content, and delivery variables.Part C: Application of Theory?Explain which communication theories you applied to the situation that influenced your approach to handling thisproblem.

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