I think people today really take communication for granted. Life is all about communicating. I you didnt have it no one would know anyone. I found it quite frustrating not being able to talk to my friends at a party Wednesday. We were all sitting around trying to play a game. The game was Taboo and obviously you need to talk in order to play this game. Everyone got to play but me I just had to sit there and mope. When someone tried to talk to me I had to write, on a piece of paper telling them that I couldnt talk. A lot of people tried to break me but they never succeeded in getting me to talk. I didnt want to keep adding minutes on to my time. Peoples reactions to me were very interesting. Most of them thought I was snotty and stuck up when I didnt say anything to them. My other friends told them why I wasnt saying anything then they were cool with that. It is strange how not talking can give off that king of impression. It was boring not being able to participate in the activities my friends were engaging in. You really miss out on a lot when you cant verbally communicate. It also felt like an eternity when I would be able to speak again. I accomplished the assignment successfully. My friends thought it was quite remarkable not hearing me talk for ninety minutes. I talked and talked the whole night after that. This project or experiment was very beneficial in making us realize how important communication is and how we need it to thrive in our existence. …

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