CommunicationsPaper details:To

CommunicationsPaper details:To best prepare for this assignment you should read A Business Proposal (Lannon; Chapter 23, p. 571).Read the details below carefully to help you do this assignment.Purpose of AssignmentThe purpose of this assignment is to help students learn to write a business proposal and progress/performance report as types of technical documents widely used in the workplace.ObjectivesThe student will be able to know the elements or parts of a business proposal.The student will identify the style and the format of such technical and professional documents.The student will be able to express a professional point using a business proposal.Requirements and Guidelines:To optimize your score, it is important to read and follow the following guidelines (sample proposals can be found in Chapter 23):The Business Proposal:The Proposal should be about a particular product or service that you think it is useful as a private company in the Eastern Province. The purpose of this assignment is to seek a business license from the government. To obtain your business license you will need to write a proposal do a presentation to government officials. Your proposal should consist of the following parts:IntroductionOverviewAttention GetterWhy ? Very few organizations know WHY they do what they do. WHY is not about making money. That?s a result. It?s a purpose, cause or belief. It?s the very reason your organization exists.What ? Every organization on the planet knows WHAT they do. These are products they sell or the services they offer.How ? Some organizations know HOW they do it. These are the things that make them special or set them apart from their competition.Statement of the problem ? this provides evidence that there is a potential problem in the market (in the world, in the community); provide data; show that there is a gap that your company organization will plan to fill.Needs ? based upon the ?statement of the problem; Discuss (check for the help you need) the needs that your company organization will meet and what are the importance of meeting those needsBenefits ? who will benefit specifically from your company/organization; how will they benefit; what are you offering that makes your company different (unique) from other organizations/companies. List these.Thesis statement ? this is where you present what it is you plan to tell the reader in your proposal; basically you will help your reader understand what comes next (organizing).PlanObjectives and MethodsVision ? what guies your organization (big picture); tells what you plan to achieveMission ? this will define who you are and where you plan to go (direction);Objectives ? how do you plan to meet your mission; what are the specific goals and objectives you plan to develop to meet your missionSWOTStrengths ? characteristics of your business/organization that give it an advantage over othersWeaknesses ? characteristics that place the business at a disadvantage relative to othersOpportunities ? elements that the business/organization can exploit to its advantageThreats ? elements in the environment that could cause trouble for the business/organizationTimetable (include marketing plan)create a time table for starting up your business this includes the followingwho will do the work, who is responsible for whatwhere will the work be done; where will it be deliveredhow do you plan to reach your customers; what will you say to convince customers that your product is better than othershow will you explain to customers that they need your product/servicewhat advertising and promotinal efforts will you employCost ? create a table that outlines your costExpected ResultsConclusionReferencesSummary of Key PointsRequest for Action

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