Community Leadership

Jonny J. Island Application Paper 12/16/99 I didn’t know what to expect of our Community Leadership class at the beginning of the semester. I knew what the words community and leadership meant and that the community I came from was a small one, but that was the extent of it. Every week I learned new information from the readings and more importantly through participation in our extensive class discussions. It really opened my eyes to the relationships that exist within our world. I started to realize that communities are everywhere; they just need to be recognized. My future plans are to graduate the University of Minnesota with some type of business degree and hopefully gain some type of position at a large corporation or company. The information I gained from this class will help me to enjoy, be successful, and bring my sense of community knowledge to the company that chooses to hire me in the future. I feel that my experience from this class will help me in my future, by first obtaining the position I desire. Having a sense of community with people in the business world will help me in gaining this opportunity. A large part of the business world is not only what you know, but also more importantly who you know and the recommendations they give for you. If you were to intern for a particular company and they liked your work they may give a good recommendation to your next employer. From what I have learned about developing community will hopefully benefit me in this respect. I feel that I can develop a sound sense of community with my co-workers and boss in the jobs I’ll have in college, which will help me later with my career choice. The way I’ll try to do this is to treat everybody with respect and let others into my community. I feel that a big part of becoming a community is letting your self into one, or letting down your guard to get to know other people. Many people fear having to meet n…

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