company analysis

Term paper need to be make on an organization in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or Dubai. The subject Area is between Human resource managment and company analysis.? Structures:A- (Nestle UAE is an example given by the instructor only and i want the writer to choose any of the those companies: HUAWEI Technologies Co Ltd, Or Inter Or Nakeel orMAF ventures, or EEG, or any other company INT, TNS, Delloitte or any other international company or organization which has a branch in UAE.)B- Nestle UAE- A report need to be make looking at the processes and activities of Nestle in UAE and the jobs and structure of Nestle in UAE. Analyze and evaluate howtheir jobs and structure and management practices help them to become competitive in the market.The report should include:1. A small introduction of what the paper is about and the company-1 page.2. History of Nestle and nestle history in UAE and region- 2 pages.3. Nestle competitors in few product segments of your choice and business development activities in UAE-financial turnover form annual reports.-2 pages.4. Recruitment and manpower planning of the company. Structure and work flow of at least one job of you interest. ? 3 pages.5. Training and employee development in NESTLE ? 3 PAGES.6. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL ? 3 PAGES.7. How performance appraisal and training and reward management are connected in Nestle- 2 pages.8. Compensation and befit practices in NESTLE UAE.9. Nestle culture and employee engagement + CST activities.10. Analysis and conclusion with recommendations.11. References ? Harvard Style.12. Appendix ? questionnaires or interview questions used and any other material related to performance appraisals.Writers guidelines:Covering all the areas mentioned about in a clear and coherent manner with relevant methods of date collection, analysis and evaluation and recommendations which isinnovative and practical for the company.!

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