company financial analyse-apple. inc/Project description

company financial analyse-apple. inc/Project descriptionThe company is Apple, inc. AALPanswer all questions. Clearly note and explain all assumptions. Please organize your answers.use,, or other sources of data in the digital library (Standard and Poors, Value Line, etc.).1.Estimate required rate of return with CAPM and also with four factor model (three-factor Fama-French model plus industry risk premium using comparable industry ETF returns).2.Calculate historical risk premiums for each risk factor, and make adjustments to them as you see it is appropriate for the future investment horizon of 1-2 years. Calculate CAPM beta. Template for the above is in excel file of multi factor models in Sakai.3.Estimate WACC (weighted average cost of capital) for the company. You will use this in one of the methods of valuation.4.Calculate CFFA based valuations with WACC for all three scenarios.Also calculate Three-Stage model valuation (same way as in midterm) for each scenario of CFFA cash flows.5. Estimate market value of the debt of the company.???-Added on 13.04.2015 21:52Get useful excel data to answer all the questions.

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