companys financial performance

companys financial performanceAnd now you will need to imagine one of those scenarios:You are thinking of buying this company.You are considering investing in this company.You are being offered a job in this company.You have taken a financial analysts position and you are being asked to write a report on this company.In any of these situations, it will be advisable to do a thorough strategic audit of the company. There will be no specific questions handed to you but keep in mindthat the steps in an audit are always the same even when the strategic issues facing a company are different.You always start a strategic audit with analysis.1. Analysis:There are four parts to the analysis:An examination of the companys financial performance (Parts of Chapter one and your prior accounting and finance classes should be useful here)An examination of the companys resources (Read all Chapter 3 to help you with this. The VRIO framework is a great tool to help you with the task p.68-87. All yourprior functional courses should be useful here too, marketing, finance, ..)An examination of the companys external environment (Read all Chapter 2 to help you with this. The Five Forces Analysis p.35-50 helps you analyze the firms taskenvironment. PEST or GDPest or PESTLE help you analyze the general environment see p.30-33 for help)An examination of the firms strategy (Chapter 1 and all chapters from Chapter 4 should be useful at this task).2. Presentation and Evaluation of potential options (pros and cons/risks of each option). State at least 2/3 different strategies that the company can follow tocapitalize on the opportunities in its environment and neutralize the threats (as identified in your analysis). Keep in mind that these strategic suggestions need tobe adapted to the companys resource and capability profile. You likely cannot ask a professor to become an opera singer but you could ask a dancer to learn a new typeof dance.3. Final Strategic Recommendations and justification. Do not just give a laundry list of things to do. Think of the WHO (will be your customer) WHAT (service orproduct you will be providing) and HOW (the resources and capabilities /value chain /organization redesign/ incentives needed to pull it off). Is this Who/What/Howcombination coherent, rare, hard to imitate and likely to be a source of competitive advantage? What are risks that the management needs to watch for as they implementthis strategy?! 28Finance and Accountingthe chase Manhattan Corporation and J.P. Morgan & Co. IncorporatedProject descriptionA brief history of the acquirer and the target, including their previous M&A involvement.A description of the two firms just prior to the merger.An analysis of the acquirer and target firms industries.the chase Manhattan is acquirer. the J.P,Morgan is the target. chase merger j.p in 2000.!

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