Compare and contrast Peter Pan and Pinocchio

Compare and contrast Peter Pan and Pinocchioa compare and contrast of both novels with much support from the texts. Every claim should be supported from text with page number. There is no need for citation page since everything will be from text1. Compare and contrast how the literary frame (as opposed to the larger religious frame) of the Pentamerone, Thousand and One Nights and the Canterbury Tales function. Questions to consider might include the following: What literary features do they have in common? What is different? What do the differences suggest about the goals of the compilers of the collections? What are the literary effects of the frames? What literary potential does the framing narrative offer the creator of the collections? How does the existence of story-tellers as distinct from the stories told affect interpretation of the narratives themselves? How do the frames support the transformation, metamorphosis, or rite of passage movement of the tales within the collections themselves?:

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