Compare and contrast the underlying themes

Compare and contrast the underlying themesOrder DescriptionCompare and contrast the underlying themes in a mainstream Hollywood releasewith the underlying themes in an Independent production.?????????..Please Use the book ?American Cinema American Culture by John Belton as the resource/ reference .(ISBN: 978-0-07-736607-0)Or use, 26 FILMS THAT MATTER, by Ken White? These are the list of movies we watched,Please use one of them for compare and contrast.CASABLANCA, REAR WINDOW, CITIZEN KANE.IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, CITY LIGHTS, SCARFACE(1930), THE PALM BEACH STORY, STAGECOACH (1939), DOUBLE INDEMNITY, CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, SINGING IN THE RAIN.PILLOW TALK, BONNIE & CLYDE, STARWARS (1977), THE GRADUATE, THE FRONT, THE GODFATHER(1972), BOYZ N THE HOOD, CRASH (2005), GRAVITY

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