Compare/contrast films

Compare/contrast filmsParadise Now, (2005) Hany Abu-Assad, dir.;Apocalypse Now, (1979)Francis Ford Coppola, dir.; and,The Battle of Algiers, (1966) GilloPontecorvo, dir.Your discussion will focus upon the imagery, motifs, and theme of each film. You will analyze how each film portrays its theme through the imagery, motifs, and other relevant elements (such as irony, cameo, or the use of black-and-white film, etc.)In your essay, you should:? Identify the films by their titles and the directors by their names.? Give examples and analyze them in detail.? Interpret the symbolism and meanings.? Describe the action, dialogue, and the scene(s) to which you refer.? Explain how the examples show that the films relate to one another.? Discuss the larger implication of the films(what do they express about justice, freedom, oppression, war, humanity, dignity?)? Explain why all of this is important.? Your essay does not need an introduction, but you must have a THESIS; your thesis statement will say something about how the films are related. Your discussion will elaborate how they are related (support for thesis).? You are strongly advised to see a tutor at the Writing Center for feedback on your rough draft.***Choose ONE of the FOUR following options for writing your essay.***Option 1/The films present powerful and remarkable female characters. Discuss the importanceof the female characters in the conflicts which are portrayed in any two (or three)of the films. Who are the women we see and what exactly are their roles? How do their portrayals impact the overall theme of each work? What does this suggest about women and their roles in society, overall?Option 2/Discuss the depiction of the conflict as a colonial war by comparing Paradise Now with either one (or else both) of the other two films, Apocalypse Now or The Battle of Algiers. How does Abu-Assad show that the occupation of Palestine is a colonial situation? How do specific images in the films ?for example, checkpoints, guerilla fighters, the use of bombs, posing as the enemy,the use of black and white film (Algiers), the various images of martyrs, etc. ? convey the directors?deeper meaning about justice, violence, and oppression?Option 3/All three directors portray the people on either side of the conflict with sensitivity and sympathy. Discuss how any two of the three directors do this; i.e., analyze specific scenes, images, and/or symbols which convey a sympathetic view of the humanity (if not necessarily the actions) of the characters on both sides of the conflict. What is the larger point which the directors make about humanity, justice, dignity, and the value of human life?Option 4/We have discussed the ?idea of the image? in all three films and the ways in which each director portrays the use of cameras, videos, films, and even a cameraman, the director himself(Apocalypse) in the depiction of the stories. Of course, these depictions of media technology are meant to symbolize the theme of the film. All three films are fictional accounts of real life situations. Yet media technology does play an important role in many real-life, contemporary conflicts. For example, hasn?t the use of media technology, such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and other electronic/social media been an important part of therevolutions of the recent Arab Spring? For this essay option, discuss the importance of the ?the idea of the image? in any two of the three films AND relate it to the example of the use of social media in any ONE specific contemporary conflict ? in other words, discuss not ?the Arab Spring? in general, but specifically one of the countries in which activists made their protests known and felt by the establishment, such as in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, etc., or in Iran, etc. your essay will address the powerful role of the image, in the films, in the conflicts represented in the films, and in the real-life, recent case which you will discuss.!

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