comparing arguments

comparing argumentsProject descriptioncomparing arguments on?the maidens and the thieves? by Julio Lopez Curiel and ?the soldier? by Jose Diaz SanchezDiscuss and interpret what lessons and arguments each story presents regarding the moral and social qualities of courtship and marriage. In the final bodyparagraph,compare the lessons and arguments of each story in terms of whether or not they contradict or complement each other. use specific examples from the reigns tosupport views. Intergrate a 3rd outside source to make comparing arguments more interesting.-write an introductory paragraph ranging from general to specific-have a thesis (including the sub topics of body paragraphs) applying to the prompt-include a topic sentence at the start of each body paragraph-provide and identify specific examples as evidence-include a works cited page and use MLA formatting(refer to the page numbers on the readings themselves)-provide a total word count of at least 900 words(excluding quotations)!

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