Compartive Law (Trade and Foreign Investment in China)

Compartive Law (Trade and Foreign Investment in China)Compartive Law (Trade and Foreign Investment in China)"-The answer should rely highly on course materials provided ( note: you can look up the internet , as wikipedia , for further information beside the course materials)The questions are:1. Given the limit on the total investment is $100 million, what are the alternatives for the structure, financing and management of the computer manufacturing project and the semi-conductor manufacturing project, and the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative? What is your recommended alternative and why?2. What other concerns/issues should DFW consider if your recommended alternative is selected by the Board?3. What kind of investment incentives could SEZ provide to DFW to make the entire project (computers, semi-conductors and infrastructure) viable?4. What intellectual property concerns do you see, and what protections are available for DFW?s proprietary technology?5. If a controversy arises in respect of the investment, what dispute resolution mechanisms are available to DFW resolve the matter?!

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