Computer sciences and Information technology

Computer sciences and Information technologyDatabase for a Race OrganiserSM Event Management Ltd organises half-marathons for various cities in the UK. It stores the following information about runners who take part in theevents:Race (entrant) number, entrant fee (paid/unpaid), personal details (name, gender, age, address, telephone etc.), next of kin details, previous racedetails (locations and times), estimated time (for current race), name of charity and amount sponsored. Additional information on completion of therace comprises start and finish time.You are required to produce a system using a database to organise this information. The users of the system are not particularly computer-literate soyou are required to provide a suitable interface for inputting data and produce user-friendly (printable) reports. The information should beorganised in a logical form and should meet the general requirements of a database e.g. the integrity of the data.Populate the database with some data.Produce reports for the following:1. A list of those who have not paid.2. A list of those who have entered a particular half-marathon before.3. A list of those who have not entered this particular half-marathon before.4. A list of runners for a race categorised into bands based on estimated timesCritically appraise your data model and the use of Access in storing, handling and presenting this data.

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