Concrete Slab Foundations ? method of construction in New zealand NZS3604

UK STYLA just about New Zealand NZS3604 LOOK in those link . . Download Masonry catalogue. Firth Hollow Masonry. question Concrete Slab Foundations ? method of construction Describe the method to construct the base of the project house from the excavation of the stepped footings to the completion of the reinforcing steel work, ready for slab Inspection prior to concrete pour.1- Reinforcing steel and overlap of joins and Starters(+PHOTO). 2. Block work, block fill and bond beams+PHOTO).. 3. In ? slab services. (Plumbing etc.)+PHOTO). 4. Base fill and compaction+PHOTO).. 5. DPM laying, jointing and penetrations+PHOTO).. 6. Laying and tying of mesh+PHOTO).. 7. Boxing up for concrete pad+PHOTO).. How would you form this slab? excalibur boltslook just about New Zealand NZS3604:

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