confinementPaper instructions:

confinementPaper instructions:Your assignment is to learn about confinement from another perspective. Choose a time and place that is convenient where this project will work for you.You will need to spend eight (8) consecutive hours by yourself in a room in your home with the door shut sometime over the next few weeks.The RulesYou choose the room and your own 8-hour time frame, but at least 50% of it must be during the time you are normally awake. That is, you cannot sleep through the whole 8 hours of the assignment.Wear comfortable clothing. Inmate garb is simple.You may not use a TV, radio, MP3 Player, computer, iPod, IPad, Game Boys, or similar items that serve as entertainment or communication with others. It is not necessary to move items out of a room, such as a TV, but make sure you do not utilize these items. You are in confinement for a short time and many jail cells do not have TVs. Televisions are generally provided or purchased by those that are serving longer sentences in prison.No cell phones or other phones, and you may not receive or make calls. Phone calls must be approved in advance by the Warden of the Jail and she is not available.No weight-lifting equipment or games.No baths or showers during this time. Your name is not on the inmate-shower schedule today.You may take one drink to the room with you. Once in your room, do not leave to collect additional drinks or food.You may come out to use the bathroom, but a maximum of 2 times in the 8 hours.You may take one 30-minute food break during the 8-hours, as this serves as your lunch or dinner break. That?s all the time the inmates get. Plan ahead and have your food prepared. You can use this time for another bathroom break or to chat with other ?inmates? in the house, but no TV or phone calls.You may take reading material with you when you initially start the project, but may not come out of the room for additional reading material.Take paper and a pen with you, as you need to keep a journal during the 8 hours. At least once an hour, unless you are asleep, write down a sentence or two of what you are doing and how you are feeling. These will be typed out later.NO verbal communications while in the room, such as talking to someone on the other side of the door or shouting to someone out the window. You can talk to yourself, if you are so inclined.Do not take any sharp objects with you in the room, such as knives, tools, needles, scissors, etc. I don?t want you to hurt yourself or try and escape through the wall.Last of all, and this one is optional, you can have a spouse, significant other, or friend serve as the correction officer and not let you out of the room unless it is time to come out. However, this must be a trustworthy person, or you may be confined longer than planned. Some ?spouses? have enjoyed this role in the past, so choose carefully.The Questions and PaperAt the end of the experiment, write about the experience by answering these specific questions.How did you approach this project? That is, how did you prepare? For example, why did you choose the time of day that you did? What family member, roommate, or pet obligations did you take care of first? Did you shut off your phone and did you notify family, friends or coworkers that you would not be available during that time?How did you feel BEFORE the project? Apprehensive, anxious, not wanting to do it, thinking it was a stupid project OR looking forward to time to yourself, a chance to read, and an adventure?How did you feel AFTER the project? Tired, relieved, renewed or what?What were your emotions and thoughts during the confined period of 8 hours? Be sure to write in your journal every hour a sentence or two about what you are feeling and thinking; unless you fall asleep. However, you may NOT sleep the whole 8 hours through this project.If you broke the rules, what was the reason? For example, emergency, someone at work trying to reach you, family member knocking on the door, dog needing to be put out, too stressful of a project and had to quit, or what? In other words, you likely would not do well in a jail cell if you break the rules, but see if you can make the 8 hours.Compare your experience with some of the reading material from the class? Be very specific; use the author?s names of the articles or books.Your paper will be graded on the following.(a) Addressing all six questions.(b) Typing your handwritten journal notes and adding them at the end of the paper.(c) Analyzing your experience and comparing your responses to the literature we have read.!

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