conflict and competition within groups

Group work and interaction play a vital role in our society today. Pondering about all the different groups in the world, including religious, military, music and education, one will notice that a majority of work is accomplished in groups. Many factors including different types of conflict and competition within a group can disrupt or hinder the group’s ultimate goal. In order to overcome these obstacles, a resolution must be found. Within a group’s dynamic, conflicts may exist that could greatly effect the achievement of the final goal. When people with different personalities and ideas cooperate to achieve one goal, conflicts arise. Conflict carries with it a negative connotation that members of a group may only be able to view as a hindrance in achieving their goal. To the contrary, friction within a group can be very healthy, as evidenced when Tubbs states, “Some would even go as far as to say that a conflict-free relationship is probably a sign that you really have no relationship at all”(Tubbs p. 277). Within a group environment, hostility is not necessarily the problem; it is trying to expose the source of the strife that can be the obstacle. As group tasks and activities begin, it is almost inevitable that problems of one kind or another will arise. These may be internal problems (intrapersonal) such as absenteeism, a small group problem (intragroup) where there may be dominance by a few members, unresolved conflict in discussion, lack of contribution by some group members, or a conflict between two or more people (interpersonal) where individual personalities may clash. A conflict between two separate groups may occur (intergroup) when two groups may have a problem communicating appropriate information. Internal problems are usually the main causes of many group conflicts. Tubbs states, “Conflicts may originate from a number of different sources, including (1) differences in information, beliefs, values, …

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