consumer behaviour

consumer behaviourExecutive summary In 200 ? 250 words concisely and comprehensively detail the rationale for this project and your main/ key finding/s and recommendations. 0.51. Introduction Introduce the topic (what is this report about?). Explain what will be covered in the report in a concise and comprehensive manner. Give the purpose, introduce the context and importance, and let the reader know how the report is structured (i.e. the sections included) 0.52. Background Describe the back ground area that your study is based in (Eg. Empty nesters holidaying in the snow) and why this is a useful topic to explore. Who are you doing the study for (the body of individuals or organisation); and how will they benefit? Does it have any social, environmental or economic impact? What are they?This section will require you to define your research areas and terminology, (Eg. Empty nesters), and to provide some useful statistics and background on those areas. 63. Research framework Find or develop a theoretical base/model/framework to base your literature review around. Review the research on the theoretical (model) area that is in your topic. Provide your judgement as well, preferably using reference to research findings and/or theory. 84. Your research issue Bring your theory and context together. Provide details of the latest research and issues in your topic area. What does the research suggest as answer(s) to answer the research question? What is your considered and justified evaluation of the research? Are there areas that haven?t been addressed or resolved? 85. Conclusion Thoroughly and succinctly summarises the key findings. Draws an overall conclusion about the topic in a concise manner. .0.56. Recommendations this section, but then dot point for recommendations is fine. Base the recommendations on credible theory and/or research from your report. 5List of references Consistent Author-date (Harvard) referencing system. Maximum of 2 text books and at least 10 peer reviewed academic journa?Referencing Requirements:See the figure below for the potential combination of choices you can use for task three. You are to pick one from each of the three topic categories. For example: How can a model of attitude formation be used to encourage consumers generation Y to reduce their substance abuse of alcohol?Please note that you will choose a specific theoretical model of attitude or motivation to apply, as there are several under each to choose from. For example, you might choose to use the motivational theory of reasoned action. You will need to support and justify why the model you have chosen is appropriate. Also, you can make some adaption to these theories if you see fit in the context of your research. Some of you may even want to develop your own theoretical model. If you choose to adapt a model or develop your own based on existing research, you will need to provide additional support for why you have adapted the model or developed your own.

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