consumer psychology

Paper instructions:i In order to gain a deeper understanding of how ads are constructed, I will ask you to write a paper analyzing two TV/online commercials. The two advertisements should be related but different (e.g., the same product by two competing companies or a single product/brand at two different points in time). The paper should aim to explain how they are generally different (or the same) and why, while making reference to specific marketing techniques found in the ads. Some specific questions to consider might be: How are the ads geared to a specific lifestyle or demographic? What techniques do they use to make the ads more memorable? What needs do the ads fill? Do they appeal to emotion or cognition? Do they use peripheral or central routes to persuasion? Are they dramas, lectures or neither? Which principle(s) of persuasion do they use (scarcity, reciprocity, etc.)? Do they encourage social comparison? What (if any) type of social power do the ads access? Your analysis should be based on information found in class and in your textbook (chapter 2 to 13), and the ads should be accessible online (e.g., YouTube). Additional references (beyond the textbook) are encouraged, but not required. The paper should be approximately two to four pages long (double-spaced, 12-point font, 1? margins) and will be marked on content as well as structure and grammar. The ads should be submitted on Moodle before class on June 4 th (1%), and the final paper should be submitted online before class on June 20th (19%). Note that the ads may promote a charity, event or action, rather than a product or service These Ads should be related like two Nike ad or could be Nike ad vs Puma Ad

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