Consuming LifeThe article by Zigmunt Bauman (ARTICLE 3) considers some of the features and concepts of consumer society and how it operates from cultural andindividual/personal perspectives.Please write a short essay (two pages, double spaced) taking one of Bauman?s concepts on consumer society, and describe how such a concept works in amarketing environment. Concepts include: enforced individualism, fear, desire/wishes, instability, etc. During the lecture, we also covered theconcepts of simulation and simulacra and hyperreality from Jean Baudrillard. You can use the lecture slides as a guide.Your essay should address these two items:1. Pick one or two of the concepts that Bauman writes about in the article using examples from your own experience as a consumer. How can you relateto this concept from you own consumer experience.2. Explain the concepts of simulation and hyperreality using any of the concepts that we have learned so for, or from an example based on your ownexperience.I will evaluate these essays according to two factors:1. Did you understand the concept in the context of Bauman?s article and the lecture in class?2. Are you able to apply Bauman?s concept to one or more of the marketing concepts we have learned in class in a coherent way?!

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