Continuous Quality Improvement (Health Care Management

Topic: Continuous Quality Improvement (Health Care ManagementThe required textbook presents (in Part V.) a series of cases of CQI activity in a real setting. These cases studiesillustrate applications of the methods and provide a basis for analyzing and Discuss (check for the help you need)ing ways of applying the concepts learnedinto different chapters. This assignment requires you to summarize information, discover improvement opportunities, and makesuggestions on how to improve care.You must read and understand the respective cases of study ( Attached with the order) and respond to the questions at the endof each one for Discuss (check for the help you need)ion. The cases are:Case -West Florida Region al Medical CenterYour project reports should also include an aim, a description and diagram of the process under study, a description of thedata and methods of analysis, and conclusions and implications. This is not just an exercise in data analysis and display.The data is the focus, but we want you to integrate the data into the process of care and use of improvement knowledge.Guidelines and suggested format for write-upYou may use the textbook guidelines for responding questions as headers in your paper, or choose other, similar headers ifthey are more applicable to your project such as the following:1) Background/Introduction?Why is this important??Include a specific aim about what you are measuring and improving2) Define the population?What group is being studied?3) Define the process (What care or work is the focus of your analysis?)??A graphical representation ? such as a flow diagram ? very helpful4) Describe your data?Where does it come from??What does it include??On which measures will you focus? Why did you choose these? How arethey defined?5) Describe your analysis plan?Why are you looking at the data this way??Why did you choose these methods to display the data??What specific question(s) will you answer with these data??Be sure to refer the data display back to the process.6) Results and interpretation?What does the data show? How do you interpret these results?7) Conclusions?What did you learn from the analysis??What additional questions arise???How does your data display assist in decision-making? What actions wouldyou recommend as a result of your analysis??Are there other data that would help support your decision?NOTE: 1- Please provide 8 references2- In the uploaded file please disregard the question on page 30, I just need the Case 4 -West Florida Regional MedicalCenter ( Curtis P. Mc)

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