The importance of cooking for humanity is essential because we interact withit every day. Cooking styles varies depending the country and culture we talk about. For example Puerto Rico has a very peculiar cooking style that differs it from the rest of the world. Since I was a boy my grandmother show me how to cook and eat. Because of it I became a big eater and food passed to be a very important subject in my life. If we talk about the cooking in Puerto Rico we will need to divided between everyday cooking and holyday cooking. In this country food is a everyday thing that even unite families and strangers together. This quality was even stronger in the past forty years. I remembered when my grandparents told me about how important was food to the people in old days. They told me about how they prepared and preserved meat without refrigeration in the old days. During the years I had been exposed to different kinds of cooking that really affected my judgement about what I called good food. They are the latin, American, and French food. In this journey of finding which is the best food I notice that some people do not accept certain foods because differences in culture and religion. As we can see in the movie Babette’s Feast the difference in culture between the two religuios sisters and Babette was the result of how people developed and behave in different parts of the world. For the sisters the big dinner that was arranging to them was a huge bad sin not able to be pardoned by God. Even religion can affect cooking behaviors in different parts of the world. “The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of humanity than the discovery of a new star,” one expert on fine food has remarked. The preparation of nutritious food is so vital to good health that cookery is important both as an art and as a science. In the laboratory scientists constantly make discoveries about the foods the human body needs. In the home kit…

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