Samuel Taylor Coleridge was responsible for attempting to present the supernatural as real where as his friend William Wordsworth would try to render ordinary reality as remarkable, strange. This Lime-Tree Bower is said to be Coleridges most agreeable and engaging poem Coleridge ever wrote. The best poem I have read, it seems to share a bit of optimism and sincere generosity of impulse. The openness and selfless friendship need to be stressed, one must see as well that beneath the poem’s relaxed exterior there lies a tightly knit structure, which is the vehicle of a deeply felt imaginative vision. The lime-tree bower to which he has been confined the poet ranges out in imagination and then returns to the bower again. But here for the first time Coleridge integrates this emotional and experiential curve into a unified poetic structure. In This Lime-Tree Bower, however, vision and imagination are wholly assimilated and form the core both of structure and of meaning. The poem is divided into three verse-paragraphs. Which leads the poet into vision in the first section (lines 1-20) Coleridge finds himself alone and imprisoned. The imagination of the sights and sounds is too much, he does not want to share with his friends, whom are enjoying their walk. In the second paragraph (lines 20-43), as he imagines the trio emerging from a dark and wooded dell into bright fields and meadows. He calls spontaneously on nature to reveal her beauties fully to Charles, who, living in the city, has been cut off from such a beautiful site. Then in the last section (lines 43-76) he returns to the lime-tree bower to find it transformed and to discover that it is sometimes well to be bereft of promised good. The image of the dell, which begins as an analogue of isolation and confinement, becomes the means of liberation and imaginative freedom. Nevertheless, the dell is an unsure symbol. Despite its life and motion, it remains claustrophobic — a d…

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