Counselling and mental health 2014-5

Project description Counselling and mental health 2014-5 Assignment submission date: Tuesday 9th December 2014 Word Length: 3,000 words.Choose essay 1 or 2 and mark clearly as title.Essay 1 Write an essay that examines the mental health needs of a specific group of your choice and critically analyse the provision of appropriateservices and/or psychological interventions for this group.Appropriate groups for consideration:Women; black people; the deaf community; LGTB; older people; children and young people.Groups could also be based on a presenting problem e.g. substance misuse, eating disorder etc.Marks will be awarded for:-a) Presentation of mental health issues related to your chosen group. (This can include key social, cultural or historical perspectives that arerelevant and appropriate for consideration with this group as appropriate). 45 marksb) Discussion of the provision of mental health services and/or psychological interventions for this group (where possible you are encouraged to drawupon the views of the chosen groups). 45 marksd) Presentation, style and structure of essay 10 marksEssay 2 The ultimate aim is a society where people with mental disorders take prompt action to seek professional help, where they receive and adhereto evidence-based treatments, where they feel supported by others in their social network, where people take preventive action to benefit themselvesand their families, and where mental health services are seen as making a valuable contribution that merits public support. (Jorm 2012:240)Jorm.A.F. (2012) Mental Health Literacy: empowering the community to take action for better mental health. American Psychologist 232-243Discuss the challenges to attaining these aims with reference to the needs of a particular group /or groups in society. Marks will be awarded for: . a)Use of contemporary theories and/or practices related to mental health and well being of your selected group/groups 50 marks b)Critical analysis related to the needs of selected group/groups in society 40 marks c)Presentation, style and structure of essay 10 marks:

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