cracker barrel

Students who miss Mom’s home cooking are in luck: Cracker Barrel is coming to town, and just may be what homesick students need to hit the spot. The restaurant will be located where the old Wal-Mart building is, next to Movie World on U.S. Highway 641. In a small town like Murray that does not offer a large variety of restaurants, many students are optimistic about the arrival of Cracker Barrel. “I’m pretty excited about the new Cracker Barrel opening here,” Hilary Dew, freshman from Paducah, said. “I think that Murray needs a greater variety of restaurants.” Also, Cracker Barrel offers versatility that many other restaurants do not offer, with a gift shop and games to play while customers wait for food. “You know, I like Cracker Barrel,” Melissa McElya, freshman from Paducah, said. “A lot of people put Cracker Barrel down, but personally, I have the biscuits every time I go there. Also, I really like to sit in front of the fire and play checkers.” Erin Kilgore, sophomore from Nashville, Tenn., said she enjoys the freedom of shopping while she waits for her food. Jennifer Presley, communications coordinator for Cracker Barrel’s corporate office in Lebanon, Tenn., said the company is almost ready to begin construction. “We’re not planning on breaking ground until the end of February,” Presley said. ‘We anticipate an opening date in August.” A Cracker Barrel in Murray may be beneficial to the town for many reasons. Presley said most Cracker Barrel…

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