Creationism is the belief that the origin of the universe, of life, and of the different kinds of plants and animals on earth are due to the intervention of God. The other belief is the belief of evolution developed by Charles Darwin that contradicts creationism. Evolution states that all species including humans descended from other species. It also states that each species derived from an earlier less complex one. Evolution is determined by natural selection, which means that an organism with a desirable trait will survive and thus reproduce over one that doesnt. Natural selection is the process that enables some organisms or individuals to live and reproduce while others do not survive. Those who reproduce pass their genetic characteristics on to their offspring. For example, certain individuals within a population might possess a genetic trait that provides resistance to a local disease. As a result, those individuals tend to survive longer and to produce more offspring than the other members of the population do. Their children who inherit the favorable trait will likewise tend to live longer and leave more descendants. Over time, individuals who possess the favorable trait will tend to out number those who do not, and the gene frequencies of the population will have changed. For example Galapagos Finches, finches are similar in many aspects except their beaks. Some are long and slim beaks that are used for the small seeds, others had short, large, powerful beaks used for crushing the bigger seeds, some with small, fine beaks -used for obtaining small insects. From fossil evidence it is concluded that all of these birds had a common ancestor that evolved into the different species we see today. Other evidence of this is vestigial structures, which are structures that were used in an organism but are no longer used like the tailbone or appendix. These structures shrink until they are gone proving how species evolve over …

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