crime analysis and intelligence analysis

crime analysis and intelligence analysisProject descriptionan uncertain relationship between crime analysis and intelligence analysis. Part of the problem is that there are two major professional bodies?the International Association of Crime Analystsand the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts?with two very different perspectives on the subject. Some IACA leaders (including Rachel Santos) think that the twodisciplines ought to be considered the same thing, but under the umbrella heading of ?crime analysis.? Some IALEIA leaders think the same thing, but that the umbrella heading is ?intelligenceanalysis.? Some think that the professions ought to be separate, because the work of an intelligence analyst at the FBI or CIA is very different from the work of a local police crime analyst.Others point out that at the local level, separating crime and intelligence analysis makes little sense.Initial Post InstructionsBased on your readings this week, construct a well-cited and referenced argument for considering crime analysis and intelligence analysis either the same profession or different professions.Back up your argument with specific examples illustrating why you think your position is important.!

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