Criminal Justice Administartion and managment

Complete the book review of TURNAROUND by William Bratton. He is currently the police chief in Los Angeles, and was previously police commissioner in New York, transit chief in New York (before the merger) and in Boston as well.While admittedly one must cut through some of the author?s spin in this book, nonetheless it is a great book for understanding Bratton and his leadership style. Bratton has been successful everywhere he has gone, and in between New York and Los Angeles he had a consulting firm which was also successful in such cities as Birmingham, Al, New Orleans, LA and Houston,TX. His ideas work and we need, in my opinion to more closely examine how he does what he does.This project is an analytical book review of the Bratton book. This is an approximately 800 word (+/- three double spaced pages) critical analysis of the book not a recitation of each chapter. DO NOT recount the book chapter by chapter.At the very least, you?re looking to answer the following:?What is the book trying to accomplish and how well does it do it??How does this book compare to other books you?ve read in criminal justice? If you haven?t read any others, why not?

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