Criminal Justice Juvenile Deliquency Essay Book “We Were HEre”

Criminal Justice Juvenile Deliquency Essay Book ?We Were HEre?INSTRUCTIONS:Using the novel ?We Were Here?, students will choose one of the three main characters, and address the topics/questionslisted below.The paper must be a minimum of five (5)pages (not including cover sheet or resource page), be in APA format, and utilize a minimum of seven (7) sources, only one of which can be the textbook. Students must verify which topicthey are going to write on with the instructor prior to starting the project.My Topic is: "What changes or other approaches could have been used instead of those detailed in the book?" PLEASE START OFF WITH THE OUTLINE AND THEN DO THE RESEARCH PAPER.DO IN SEPARATE MICROSOFT WORD DO NOT COMBINE THEM IN BOTH.WE NEED 7 SOURCES ATTACHMENT CHAPTER 1-7 IS THE POWERPOINT OF THE TEXTBOOK. SOURCE 1SOURCE 2: IS THE TEXTSOURCE 3-5 NEEDS TO BE ON AN ARTICLE OR ANYTHING ELSE.PLEASE PLEASE IF THE WRITER CAN SOMEWHAT COPY MY WRITING ON ASSIGNMENT #2 ATTACHMENT BECAUSE THE PROFESSOR SAID THAT HE ALREADY KNOWS HOW WE WRITE. IF HE SEES SOMETHING THAT IS OFF I WILL GET A ZERO.

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