criminal lawAnswer this questi

criminal lawAnswer this question, but only with respect to offences against the person (not against property) and to ignore any possible defences (ie you are to assume the unlawful element of the offences you identify is established).You must complete the question in no more than six (6) double spaced pages with default margins.hypothetical fact scenario in which you will be asked to identify the possible fatal and non-fatal offences committed against a person or persons named in that scenario. (Defences will not be addressed in the assignment as these come later in the semester). The purpose of the assignment is to assist you in working through a legal problem in criminal law including:? identifying all relevant offences? Discuss (check for the help you need)ing each of the elements comprising those offences? applying the facts to those elements; and? drawing a conclusion about whether the elements have been established and thus whether the offence is, or is not, proven!

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