Crisis Communications-Week Six Forum

Crisis Communications-Week Six ForumPaper detailsREAD Chapters 8, 9, & pages 310-313. Referencing: Kathleen Fearn-Banks , Crisis Communications, 4th ed.The Yuhan-Kimberly crisis began online and was fought online. Consider in your response the methods of communication that would be most effective and what key messagesyou would communicate.1. If parents in the United States objected to blogs on a similar problem, what could crisis communicators do to insure the safety of babies?2. What does the spokesman mean when he said, in his conclusion, ?Approach with a human face is the basic part of crisis communication??3. Discuss how Wal-Mart could prevent a lack of water crisis and discuss how a campaign could be developed to prevent the occurrence. (Check chapter 16, ?The CrisisCommunications Plan.?)!

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