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Critical Thinking 1 Running head: Critical Thinking Components of Adult Learning Critical Thinking Components of Adult Learning Critical Thinking 2 Abstract This essay examines the effects of critical thinking on life-long learning. Critical thinking is an activity that questions the assumptions underlying our personal ways of thinking and acting and then prepares us to think and act differently. This essay describes the key ingredients of critical thinking and identifies ways these ideas may be in adult learning. Critical Thinking 3 Critical Thinking Components of Adult Learning Much of the research information that examined critical thinking and adult learning points to theories developed by Malcolm Knowles. Mr. Knowles popularized the theory of andragogy which uses four basic assumptions that distinguishes adult learners from children. These four theories are self-concept, experience, readiness to learn and orientation to learn. (Lee,1998, p. 50). The work of Stephen Brookfield also dominates much of the literature of adult learning. Brookfield’s main research activities have been in the field of adult learning (particularly self-directed learning), community education, comparative adult education, the application of qualitative research approaches to studying adult learning and education, and political and philosophical aspects of adult and continuing education (Galbraith 1990). Critical thinking is defined by many notable sources as the ability to move beyond what is obvious; to look at things in a greater context and make rational assumptions. Part of teaching critical thinking necessarily involves challenging studen…

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