CRITICAL THINKINGMost people value life and do not take it for granted. If given the chance, a good number of people would want to live for eternity. There are only selected few who hate life and thus would like to commit suicide due to hardships they have faced. Life is important to every individual and as people live, they get to learn so many things. In the same manner, life has taught me a lot. Great deals of authors have written their autobiography and the events that have unfolded in their lives. The same authors have tried to bring about clearly the subjected matter of how life is important and this critical thinking has been of great importance to me. This paper will discuss how critical thinking shapes life of individuals.Part 1Among those people who have greatly inspired me are the critical thinkers. Dr. Martin Luther king junior is one of them. He was an American clergyman born in the year 1929. In addition to that, he was a leader in the African-American civil rights movements, an activist. In the year 1963 he assisted in the organization of March on Washington. This was the same year he delivered his speech on ?I have a dream.?( ) He became recognized as one of the best world orators. This was also the period of time when he established his reputation as a radical thus making him a subject under investigation by the FBI.Many were the times he criticized the racial inequality as he combated the discrimination against the minority in the society. What inspires me more about Martin Luther king was his will power to act. He was a true critical thinker and whenever I listened to his words, his inspiring quotes rings in my mind over and over and give me a reason to have positive attitude towards life.Just like other critical thinkers, martin Luther king had his own unique way of deciding whether the idea is false, partly true or true. In the same manner a critical thinker does, martin Luther king had a dream that one day America would be led by a black man, that has come true in Obama. He in a very exemplary manner was able to think critically, analyses certain discipline, synthesize, and evaluate information out of his own experience, through observing, reasoning and reflection.Martin Luther king has really inspired me, and I find a true role model in him. After I listen to his famous words of ?I have a dream,? among others, it always knocked my senses that I too had a dream to make come true. No matter the obstacles and challenges I face in life, with the inspiration of the Dr. Luther king junior, things have never been the same. ?Marie Curie once said,? I am among those who think that science has a great beauty. A scientist in his laboratory is not only a technician: he is also a child placed before natural phenomena which impress him like a fairy tale.? This critical phrase and ever since childhood, it has inspired me despite the fact that I was going through some challenges. I had a disability, cerebral palsy, and a neurological disorder. This would not stop my vision of attaining a quality education as in a relation to Martin Luther king dream was that he has a vision to end discrimination.Part 2Critical thinking has moved mountains in my life; not forgetting to mention it has shaped my career life. As the young generation is trying to fit into the society, it finds out that career choice is inevitable. Career choice is greatly influenced by the individual values. At all cost, there has to be self-sacrifice, clarity of independence and as well away of confronting all the attacks in life. Other guiding factors include constraints, ambitions, personality and also skills.The environment and as well the financial factors influences greatly the choices made by persons with physical inabilities. Skills of an individual are normally based in the training and aptitude. In relation to the career choice, one might want to consider factors such as nature of organization you would like to work for, their beliefs and ethics and lifestyle as per the critical thinking learnt from other philosophers. I have been interested in the medical assistant career among other fields.For medical assistance, the major responsibilities include scheduling patients for appointment, preparing patients for examination, drawing blood form patients giving medicine prescription, administering medication, managing finance and maintaining proper patient records. Although no formal training is required at the start, for one to qualify as a certified medical assistant it is mandatory to enhance skills and acquire the necessary training for the program. (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Critical thinking has assisted me to know what exactly I want. Above, all I have been guided to make worth choices in life.Part 3The metacognition has clearly assisted me to handle the task in that I was able to think critically and argue rationally as I careful plan and write through my work. I skimmed through the boldfaced words on the instructions, the, subheadings, headings, and summaries. After analyzing the topic, I thought of what it may require me to do, what connections I can make and as well the types of questions I might be asked to answer. Firstly, I thought about the topic or the subject matter to be discussed. The research on martin Luther king among other critical thinkers has assisted me my research work. A combination of the cause and effects of critical thinking, sequence of events in life and problem solutions was a part of the planning. I am looking forward to using the same metacognitive strategy and plan to achieve my academic wring work.ReferencesBureau of Labor Statistics Medical AssistantCopleston, F. C. (1975). A history of philosophy. Westminster, Md.: Newman Bookshop.Mill, J. S., & Ashley, W. J. (1965). Principles of political economy, with some of their applications to social philosophy.. New York: A. M. Kelley, bookseller.Paley, W. (2002). The principles of moral and political philosophy. Indianapolis, Ind.: Liberty Fund.Shaw, B., &Mozley, C. (1962). Man and superman: [a comedy and a philosophy. New York: Heritage Press.!

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