Critically evaluate the proposition that mediation should lead to ?win-win? solutions.Sources to be included:Resolving international conflicts: the theory and practice of mediation ? Jacob Bercovitch 1996Conflict management and resolution: an introduction ? Ho-Won Jeong 2010 (electronic resource)Chpt 09, The Reflexive mediator, Jay RothmanStudies in international mediation: essays in honour of Jeffrey Z. Rubin ? Jacob Bercovitch, Jeffrey Z. Rubin 2002Conflict Management, Security and Intervention in East Asia: Third-party Mediation in Regional Conflict? ? Jacob Bercovitch, Kwei-Bo Huang, Chung-ChianTeng 2008Chapter 27: Getting to peace : awakening the third side ? William L. Ury 2005 (Part of the book,Akbar S. Ahmed &Brian Forst, After terror: promoting dialogue among civilizations)Interactive conflict resolution ? Ronald J. Fisher 1997International conflict mediation: new approaches and findings ? Jacob Bercovitch, Scott Sigmund Gartner 2009

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