?Critically examine the initial scenarios and provide a substantive critique of the scenario and its association with the particular analysis strategy chosen. Additionally, address whether or not there is another analysis strategy that would be better or equally suited for the given crime series facts.Strategies:Intelligence AnalysisStrategic Crime AnalysisOperational AnalysisCriminal Investigations AnalysisTactical Crime AnalysisAdministrative Crime AnalysisThese are the scenarios that need to be critiqued:Criminal Investigations Analysis is considered to be the use of components of a crime and/or the physical and psychological attributes of a criminal to ascertain the identity of the criminal. It is also considered to be an investigation by the police into a crime. (Criminal Investigative Analysis)? A hypothetical scenario would be as the following: There is someone murdering and raping females between the ages of 15-28 around town. Most of them are young, athletic, active, and always alone when he strikes. Most of these women either live alone or are alone, running through a park or alone in their house, or apartment. The offender is extremely careful to not leave any evidence behind while committing the crime. He ties them up, rapes them, than strangles them. The offender slips in and out very carefully and quietly. With that example, investigators are careful to examine all the evidence around the crime scene. Some of the scenes are in their home or in the park. They have analyze the scene to get evidence to find the offender. They will be looking at the body, if he left any marks, fingerprints, DNA of any sort or anything else that may be relevant to the crime. It is extremely important that they analyze this scene so they can catch this offender.Tactical Crime Analysis deals with immediate criminal offenses to promote quick response. It provides information to assist operational personnel in the identification of specific crime trends and in the arrest of criminal offenders. The primary goal is to identify crime trends and patterns/series. Tactical information links offenders and modus operandi information from a number of offenses in an attempt to provide investigative leads, help solve crimes, and clear cases after apprehension and arrest. (Types of Crime Analysis).? A hypothetical scenario would be as the following: When there is a crime committed and the investigators are trying to figure out who the offender is, this is when tactical crime analysis comes into play. They are trying to find a pattern of the offender to hopefully narrow a profile to identify the offender of the crime. The more information they have about the crime and possibly the signature of the criminal, the better chances they have to solving the crime.Administrative Crime Analysis involves long range projects. Task include providing economic, geographic law enforcement information to police management, city hall, city council, and neighborhood/citizen groups. Its purpose is financial, organizational, political, and legislative. It is critical to budge, personnel, public information, and legal issues. (Types of Crime Analysis).? A hypothetical scenario would be as the following: Providing the public with information in regards to a crime of what, when, how, who, or any other information the police think would be vital for the public to be aware of. They use this as a way to make people aware of what is happening and to potentially get any tips if they are unable to solve a crime themselves.

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