Cruel Intentions

There were a lot of good movies to choose from. I thought long and hard on which movie to choose. Finally, I chose Cruel Intentions. I rented this movie when it first came out on videotape and I really enjoyed watching it. I guess I liked it because it was taken place in my time and my generation. Cruel Intentions is one of many movies made based on the novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Pierre Laclos. The movie stars Sarah Michelle Gellar who plays Kathryn Merteuil. Ryan Phillipe who plays Sebastian Valmont. Resse Witherspoon who plays Annette Hargrove. The final main character is Selma Blair who plays Cecile Caldwell. The minor characters are Joshua Jackson who plays Blaine Tuttle. Sean Patrick Thomas who plays Ronald Clifford. Christine Baranski who plays Mrs. Caldwell, Ceciles mom. Those are the characters that have some kind of impact on the movie. The director of the movie was Roger Kumble. Roger Kumble had always been a fan of the original novel and had closely observed its previous incarnations on stage and screen. Kumble had said that he always thought that the novel was timeless and could be remade for a younger audience. Kumble also said that high school kids act the same way as the characters in the novel, so he wanted to make a high school version of the novel. The novel was Les Liaisons Dangereuses, written by Pierre Laclos. The novel was published in 1782. The novel was not historical fact, therefore neither is the movie. It is based on romance; love, lust, and the desire for conquer. The novel was the inspiration for plays and movies, especially this movie, Cruel Intentions. Cruel Intentions is about two people who make a bet. Sebastian and his stepsister Kathryn. The bet was if Sebastian could deflower the virgin Annette before the school year begins. If he fails to accomplish this task, Kathryn gets his Jaguar Roadster and if he succeeds then Sebastian gets Kathryn. During…

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