cultural gaps

How can one compare today’s televisions shows to the one’s back in the seventy’s. With the visual affects and technology in today’s world there is no comparison. Compare the difference between the first batman to Independence Day. These were two of the greatest films of their decade. The same thing when it comes down to cartoons. Today’s society is so advanced it is hard to imagine what can possible be next. Even the medical fields are a hundred times better. By the time I become a parent there will be a cure for AID’s. If these things where around when my father was diagnosed with cancer he may be alive today. What I am trying to say is how big of a ” generational gap” is there between my parents and I. If half the things we have today where around two decades ago how different would society be? In the story the Mother Tongue, Amy Tan talks about different ways that she communicates with her mother. The way Amy converses with her mother most people have trouble understanding. The English is so choppy that only Amy could understand. Amy became adapted to the misuse of the English language. If I were to have a conversation with her it would seem as if we both were from two different worlds. This was kind of the same situation I was put in. Living half my life in a different town and moving to another. It felt as if I was a newborn baby learning how to walk. The cultural and generational gap in this town was unheard of. From their long hair to the Ozzy Osbourne tee- shirts I just new this was not my place. When I was driving a low rider they had monster trucks. I felt, as though I was an outsider…a foreigner observing a world that was strange and new to me. After eighteen years of my life with the same group of friends I was unsure what to do. This was the first time that I was ever stuck in what they call a cultural gap. As a person with high intelligence I had to figure out away to be apart…

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