Culture and Religion

In this assessment, you will apply the concepts of culture that you learned in this lesson to your own life. Imagine you are asked to gather items for a time capsule that reflects the culture in which you live today. The time capsule will be opened 100 years from now by people who have no knowledge of your world. What items would you include? What artifacts, sociofacts, and mentifacts would best reflect the world around you? 1 Review the Grading Rubric for this lesson. 2 Choose a cultural area for which to prepare a time capsule. For example, you might choose to focus on your city, state, or country. 3 Think about the following questions: ? Describe the characteristics of the culture you choose. Describe the language, religion, ethnicity, economy, and government institutions found in the culture. ? What cultural traits are evident in the region you choose? Describe these traits for the people who open your time capsule. ? What artifacts, mentifacts, and sociofacts would you include in a time capsule? Why are these artifacts, mentifacts, and sociofacts the best representation of the cultural area you choose? ? How do you think the culture in the area will change over the next 100 years? Write a letter to the opener of the time capsule that describes your predictions for the future. 4 Prepare your responses to the questions above in a word-processing program.:

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