Current & Future Food Trends; Health & Environmental Issues

Current & Future Food Trends; Health & Environmental Issues? Write a 3-4 page paper and answer the following questions:o What is the name and address of the restaurant? Include a take-out menu or business card with the address, see upload pictures or this link and this is a france food restauranto What type of ethnic food does the restaurant represent?o What dishes did you try? (You must try at least three)o Are the dishes you ate common, everyday foods or are they dishes served on special occasions?o How do the dishes represent their ethnic group? What makes them unique to their ethnic culture? Is it the ingredients they use, the spices, or the cooking methods?o Would this food fit into your own cultural or personal pattern of eating? Why or why not?Get some research on line plzPART TWO: PRESENTATION/FOOD SAMPLE/EXAM QUESTIONS/RESEARCH PAPER see upload? Write a research paper based on the topic (6-7 pages). The following are some guidelines of items to address in your paper.o What ethnic groups settled in the specified region during this time period?o When did they immigrate? Why?o What was the primary eating style of the region during the time period?o Is this a regional appeal or an appeal to a specific group of people in America?o Identify any food-related inventions during this time period.o How do these foods compare/contrast to your own cultural way of eating?o Was this assignment of value to you? Why or why not? Would you change anything about this project? Explain.!

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