Cussing, using profane language, making obscene gestures, whatever its called it is swearing. Swearing has become a common expressions this day in age and used most commonly by male teenagers. It makes them feel more sophisticated and feel respectable about themselves. Everyone swears so it doesnt make a difference to them because they sound just as intelligent as the others they choose to be around. Not only does it please their mother so much, everyone seems to show respect towards anyone that has the ability to think of no better word than a swear word. Swearing has become a fine mark of manliness for a teen. Being able to swear just like an adult proves to them how grown up they are. Swearing shows how one has self control over themselves by being able to pop in a swear word once in a while without overusing them. Swearing is all right just as long as its not overused. Those that tend to misuse a cuss make fools out of themselves because they seem to sound foolish as if they are unable to control themselves. Such vulgar people tend to make a swear sound tasteless and inappropriate in such circumstances. Any conversation can be made more delightful and entertaining when the swear is used. It doesnt matter how any of the words is used because a swear word can be easily implemented for a either a verb or an adjective. Nothing is better able to describe and portray actions and events as a cuss does. Anyone listening to a story told by someone that swears every other word is intrigued by the story and makes it a point to pay careful attention to every detail. The ability to swear is impressive in that they can tell if one has had more than an ordinary education. The vocabulary learned throughout ones life can never substitute for a curse. Swearing can give anyone a desirable personality among both women and children, or anyone that lives in a respectable society. Since swearing is a common activity among …

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