” 1,2,36,7,8″ Ms A counts the dance’s pounding beat as her dancer’s practiced for hours. Ms A, an experienced dance instructor who has a passion about the art of dance owned a ranch called ” The One and Only Dance Community.” The Dance Community was 50 acres of dance rooms, work out facilities, cafeterias and dorms which housed the dancers. Ms A, a very demanding dance instructor expected nothing less than perfection of her students. This perfection required complete control over the dancer’s lives. The clothes the dancers wore, what they could eat and where they could visit the people they associated with out side of the Dance Community. Perfection demanded a pricethat both Ms A and the dancer’s had to pay in order to achieve the levels of dance Ms A sought. Well the dancers grew tired of Ms A’s demands and her control over everything the dancers did. Ms A’s dance officers … Jessica, Megan, Kara and Jill were the dance leaders and were looked up to by all of the other dancers. They were role models because of their experience and their understanding of the challenges of dancing for Ms A. These challenges helped form a new dance community that the dancers are enjoying today. One day after the long complicated practice the officers went back to their cabins. They were tired of the dreadful treatment they had been receiving from Ms A. They never thought that dancing would become such a unhappy experience. The officers knew that something had to change, not for just themselves, but also for the dancers they lead. They planned such a change late one night after Ms A. left for a party with her friends. Ms A left practice and the officers and dancers limped back into the auditorium where they previously had practiced. The meeting commenced. Jessica, the head officer rose from her chair and suggested that they needed to unite in order to stop Ms A’s demanding and controlling…

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