?Dark Knight 2008??Dark Knight 2008? is a movie that was written and directed by Christopher Nolan in2008. The main character is a superhero man known as ?Batman? whose real names is BruceWayne. The movie was filmed in Chicago and some other parts of United States as well as inUnited Kingdom and Hong Kong. It?s is all about the struggles to stop the threat of new andupcoming criminal calling himself the ?Joker? whose real identity is Heath Ledger. Thefollowing are the super heroic characters of the main character Batman;Batman is a courageous hero. In Hong Kong Batman arrests Lau alone when Lau goesout too hide the money out of Gordon?s men who were chasing them. Batman is aware that Lauis part of the mob of dangerous criminals who may kill him if they meet him alone but hedecides to do it alone. He later takes Lau to Gotham city police and agrees to be part of witnessin the case facing Lau .He rescues Dent from the joker after Dent had falsely identified himselfas Batman and joker was now pursuing him. He also courageously rescues Coleman Reese, anaccountant at his Enterprises from the joker as they pursued him down. Batman is a tricky hero.He does not identify himself easily when capturing the ruthless gang until the gang threatens thelife of many including the judge, the police commissioner as well as the mayor. It?s here heagrees to reveal his identity but in the process Dent calls himself Batman in order to protectBruce from the joker and ensure the continuous capture of the gang members.Experts atmidcoursecan help you with this and more. Visit our website today to order for this and more essays.

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