Database Model

Topic: Database ModelOrder DescriptionA relational Database Model allows database users to analyze data thoroughly. To accomplish this, advanced commands such as UNION and INTERSECT may be used. Describe abusiness scenario where a UNION relational set operator may be used to merge two similar data sets. Within the context of your business scenario, analyze the analysisand data consistency advantages of using a UNION operator rather than simply merging two data sets into one result table.Suppose you are tasked with finding common data elements amongst various data sets. Specify how an INTERSECT operator may assist you in accomplishing this task.Construct a query that can perform the same function as the INTERSECT operator without using the INTERSECT syntax within the query.Topic: Effective Leadership EssayOrder DescriptionEffective Leadership Essay Choose an individual who you consider to be an effective leader to study. This person may be someone you have worked for or with, or you may choose a prominent figureyou admire. Write an essay identifying their leadership style and approaches, and explain how the leader?s effectiveness is determined by the following: ? Communication competencies. ? Predispositions for leadership communication. ? Use of strategic communication objectives. ? Use of power bases. ? Contributing behavioral factors. ? Refer directly to the information in Figure 7.1,The Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid on page 224; the Hersey and Blanchard concept of situational leadershipstarting on page 226; Figure 7.2, Communication Tactics for Leadership starting on page 241; and Figure 7.3, Principled Leadership starting on page 247 of thecourse text.Use this Worksheet please u05a1 WorksheetName: _______________________Answers should be provided in complete sentences. Be sure to include, in your answers, several of the key terms and concepts from your reading in this unit.1. Identify the chosen individual?s leadership style approach. Support your answer using Figures 7.2, 7.3, and 7.6 in your textbook. (Your answer should fill about one? two paragraphs.)2. Explain the chosen individual?s communication competencies in regard to predispositions for leadership communication. (Your answer should fill about one ? two paragraphs.)3. Explain the chosen individual?s communication competencies in regard to use of strategic communication objectives. (Your answer should fill about one ? twoparagraphs.)4. Explain the chosen individual?s communication competencies in regard to use of power bases. Specifically identify the power bases as discussed in your textbook. (Your answer should fill about one ? two paragraphs.):

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