The question all single people are asking, “Why do people date? Why does it happen in the same certain ways? How does the dating phenomenon occur?” I guess Mother Nature intended for us to find our soul mates so we would reproduce children. Who knows for sure? All we know is boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Boy and Girl like each other. Or Boy likes Girl. Girl does not like Boy. Boy chases Girl. Girl breaks Boy’s heart. Boy leaves in despair or vice versa. As anyone can see dating has its definite ups and downs, but they are all direct to one objective: the discovery of long lasting eternal love. Eternal love is a grand thing no doubt, but trying to find it can have a painful sting. This sting gives a frustrating process where individuals read books about dating and still do not get it. Otherwise, we end up going to our friends in grief and despair. For girls, we either stuff our faces with a carton of rich deluxe chocolate chip or we watch a tape of French Kiss where we end up crying our eyes out over men. While men who can’t even understand anything about the needs of a woman, they find some other way to vent their frustration, such as running a mile or punching a punching bag. What causes this crazy frustration? The simple fact that men and women are plainly two different species that cannot coexist. However, that’s not the only thing that causes the “sting” in dating. Dating is also the “Games of Love” being played between men and women. These “games” give the most emotional hurtful sting that brings quite a wound to the heart. One of the games is the “Calling Game.” Women often ask, “Should I call him? Should I not? If I do not call him, I will start the chase and he will be more interested in me. If I do, he thinks I’m a possessive girl trying to chase him. Oh, what move in the game should I play?” Another game is the “Kissing Game.” The questions most commonly asked are: Should I make a move now? When should I m…

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