Dave Garret

Conflict The conflict in the story begins when Kate McMahan is kidnapped. Her boyfriend Dave must find her. The conflict is person vs. person. Dave must go through many people in order to find Kate. There are people who try to kill Dave, and kill anyone who may be trying to help him. Dave must compete against people in order to find Kate. Theme Neil Albert, the author is just writing another mystery in his Dave Garrett mystery series. The theme is mystery. There is no apparent message given. The author is simply trying to grasp you with a well thought out mystery, so in return you would read it all, plus the other books in the series. Critique Cruel April was a fairly okay mystery. The beginning of the book was excellent. It started off really quickly and jumped right into the mystery. I enjoy books that get right to the point. Unfortunately when I reached the middle of the book, the pace slowed down and the book began to get boring. I mean, the book jumped right into the plot. There was action, then more action, then some more. But with four or five chapters left, the book slowed down, and got boring. I know longer was reading for pleasure; I was reading to complete an assignment. If the author had continued to keep up this pace throughout the book, then it would have been an excellent mystery. When it comes to mysteries, you want to continue reading a book because it is interesting, not because you feel obligated to finish reading it. For this reason, I would not recommend the book to very avid mystery lovers. I feel that they would find the book just as boring as I did. Instead I would recommend The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugindides or any book by Dean Koontz. Summary On a scale of 1-10, rating the book: Cruel April by Neil Albert, I would give the first half a 10 and the second a 4. This book appeared to have two different parts: Part 1 The In-Depth Mystery, …

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