DAVID GARRICK AND SAMUEL JOHNSON: A FADING FRIENDSHIP This paper purposes to treat of the relationship between David Garrick and Samuel Johnson. David Garrick becomes famous in the acting scene, whereas Samuel Johnson succeeds as a writer. The lives of these two men have their positive moments, and, moments that reflect their hardships. The relationships of the two men begin with their childhood and extend to their early deaths. David Garrick and Samuel Johnsons’ friendship can be explored through their meeting, their travels to London, their master-pupil association, and extended to their membership in “The Club,” a group of well respected literary figures. David Garrick was born February 19, 1717 at the Inn at Hereford, which is located in England. Garrick had six siblings and grew up with hardships that were expected in his time (Stone and Kahrl 3-4). Two things distorted happiness in his life: poverty and the absence of his father, Peter Garrick (Lenanton 6). At a young age, David Garrick became the resident head of the Garrick family in Lichfield, England, due to the fact that his father was stationed in Gibraltar for military purposes and his older brother Peter had joined the navy. The little knowledge of Garrick’s mother comes from reports on her chronic illness that resulted in her death (Stone and Kahrl 5,8). David Garrick first attended grammar school at St. John Street, where he learned Latin and Greek (Lenanton 9). After the education he received at St. John Street, Garrick was enrolled at the school at Lichfield (Stone and Kahrl 8). At Lichfield, Mr. David Garrick was guided by Gilbert Walmesley, a wealthy man educated at Trinity College and Oxford (Stone and Kahrl 9). Garrick had close relations with Mr. Walmesley. After classes, Mr. Garrick would, almost every day, stop by the Bishop’s palace to speak with him. Mr. Walmsley’s residence was a palace located in the most respected area of Lichfield, the B…

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