David Nicol (2011)

In the text, David Nicol (2011) explains, There is no such thing as good teaching without good feedback? (p.108).As an instructor, you will be providing feedback to students on a continual basis. Many instructors keep a tipsheet or checklist handy while grading. For this assignment, create a tip sheet or checklist of your own thatincludes:After encountering a raft of plagiarism in my online classrooms over the past year, my deep frustration caused meto reach back into history for a solution to the problem, and I found it: a device that was introduced during theFrench Revolution to take care of troublemakers. It is known as the guillotine and is pictured above.Before you get too worried about me as your instructor, let me point out two core values that are very importantto me. The first is that I am resolutely opposed to capital punishment, so be assured that my punishment scenariosdid not linger long on this particular solution. The second is that I also believe that the punishment should becommensurate with the crime, so the guillotine fails on that score as well.OK, so the wrong-doers got to keep their heads but how do I deal with plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty?!

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