Death by PowerPoint

Death by PowerPointDuring this module, you will have reviewed the video about the Effective use of PowerPoint [Video File] [02 min 43 sec] and the way that presenters sometimes mistakenly rely on PowerPoint as the focal point of their presentation.With this in mind, you are asked to conduct a Google search and find an example of a good use of PowerPoint and one that is poor. ?Provide the URL for each (do not upload the PowerPoint presentation, as this can infringe on copyright). ?Explain why you have chosen these examples, detailing what may be good/bad about each. You might speak to issues such as use of images; text (size, amount, font); graphics; color, etc. Think of this from an audience perspective. ?Critique constructively each others? choices, adding further perspectives so that you may gain an understanding of the way that an audience will have a range of tastes and preferences. ?Finally, consider how you, as a speaker, might apply this understanding and the elements of an effective and engaging PowerPoint in the presentation you will create for this course.:

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